Legal Notice

The information posted on the public website of Operador del Mercado Ibérico de Energía, Polo Español, S. A. (OMEL) (hereinafter, the “Information”) aims at the optimum dissemination of the organisation and the working of the market, facilitating access to the Information to anybody interested in the same. In this respect, the Information that is of a public nature and free of charge can be used freely, provided that its original content is fully respected, and OMEL assumes no liability of any kind, including direct or indirect damages, which may arise, deriving from any use, manipulation, change, modification or alteration, intentional or not, of the Information.

Without prejudice to the aforesaid, given the character and purpose of the Information, OMEL assumes no responsibility with regard to the accuracy of the maintenance of the current structure or dissemination of the Information, nor is it obliged to give prior notice of any change or alteration to the content of the same.

In the event that the information in the OMEL website is used in its original format, you must cite the source.

With respect to the legal regulations in particular, in the event of discrepancy, incoherence, lack of update or inconsistency between the official draft of any type of regulatory forecast and the Information, the official draft of said regulatory forecast in official gazettes shall prevail over the Information, and OMEL assumes no liability in the event of the existence of said discrepancy, incoherence, lack of update or inconsistency.

At all events, the use of the Information is for informative purposes, it does not exempt one from seeking expert criteria, be they technical, legal or financial, for the purpose of its professional use.